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-- Dan Johnsen, Copy Editor, Providence (R.I.) Journal

"You are doing a very good job with your show, WHITE PLAINS WEEK. It's one of the best local access programs I've seen in Westchester."
-- Geof Thompson, Thompson & Bender

"It's a pleasure to see a paper that reports the news instead of making the news."
-- William Waterman, Jr. former White Plains Councilman, "The Councilman in

"I really like his website. He gives you news you
won't find in the newspaper."
-- Robert Stackpole, White Plains Planning Board

"If you want to know what's going on in White Plains, go to John's website."
-- Mary Cavallero, Chairperson, White Plains Planning Board

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-- H. Donald Wilson, LLC, CoFounder of Concerned Citizens
for Open Space

"WPCNR has a lot to offer. I have it as one of my favorite sites."
-- Marc Pollitzer, White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations

"You asked some pretty good questions. Forgot to mention how much I respect your reporting. Excellent work."
--Sean P. Cover, Editor, ScarsdaleToday.com

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Good day! This is John Bailey, your Anchorman-Reporter on YOUR first community All-News Web Site in White Plains and the world.

As White Plains enters its Fourth Century, the CitizeNetReporter© is your source for what is going on daily in our city. WPCNR is your way to report White Plains news when you see hard news, hear it, or know when it's going to happen.

Is there something going on in your neighborhood? Is there a dangerous traffic situation for the kids? Is there an event you want persons to support? A position your organization wants people to understand? A crime wave harrassing your neighborhood? Tax issues? School budget concerns? School news? Arts and Entertainment events? Incidents? Complaints? Development and city issues? A disturbing situation? You can even report births, graduations, weddings, and obituaries.

White Plains CitizeNetReporter is your voice! Here's how you, and the citizens of White Plains can be on your neighborhood watch for the benefit of all. Just call me or E-Mail your report using the Citizen Reporter Notebook Form.

For expressing opinions, please press the "White Plains Soapbox" button. After comments are viewed (in good taste, please), they will be posted on the Soapbox page by topic, to provide a sampling of unfiltered public opinion of the people of White Plains.

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Top stories

  • 08/21 - Soapbox: Forbidden Internet Today by Buzz Babe, Blackie Slacks (continue)

  • 08/21 - Soapbox: Candyce Corcoran promotes American Cancer Society "Making Strides Walk" on October 14, 2001 (continue)

  • 08/17 - Ooops! Macy's Mashers spill bricks on Martine Ave. roofs (continue)

  • 08/16 - School Board authorizes $100,000 in overtime to complete High School (continue)

  • 08/14 - Mayor moves to place time limits on Council meetings. (continue)

  • 08/14 - Sidewalks: Scarsdale Police like Corcoran's accessibility, visibility. (continue)

  • 08/13 - Council authorizes bonding for DPW Garage-Youth Bureau extra costs. (continue)

  • 08/13 - Sidewalks: Corcoran picks up three endorsements; launches website. (continue)

  • 08/06 - Sidewalks: Gas service back on for all buildings in Winbrook complex. (continue)

  • 08/06 - Sidewalks: Pataki to legislature: "Finish the job." Lambasts both houses. (continue)

  • 07/31 - Contractor cuts gasline. 450 Winbrook residences affected. (continue)

  • 07/31 - Monday Rundown: Fortunoff's is moving in, Sachs is moving out. (continue)

  • 07/31 - Hudson River Bandits shatter myth of southern softball supremacy (continue)

  • 07/31 - Sidewalks: Worst Virus ever panics New York (continue)

  • 07/27 - Sidewalks: Mayor for All Seasons, Alfred Del Vecchio appears on WPW (continue)

  • 07/24 - Monday Rundown: City Projects on Move. (continue)

  • 07/22 - Phillippidis on WPW reports Ridgemour captures key Conroy Corner (continue)

  • 07/20 - Late Council Surveys delayed Tishman-Speyer Center 8 weeks (continue)

  • 07/18 - Macy's, city's signature store dies, at 54. City Center is born (continue)

  • 07/12 - Sidewalks: County to acquire 178 acres for $2.8 million. (continue)

  • 07/11 - Council approves Cappelli City Center Financing (continue)

  • 07/11 - Capelli proposes seasonal park/skate rink/cafes for EJ Conroy Drive (continue)

  • 07/11 - Sidewalks: Susan Habel discusses zoning on White Plains Week (continue)

  • 07/11 - Soapbox: Commuter raises question about Macy's Heating Vent hurting trees. (continue)

  • 07/06 - Sidewalks: WINGS is saved; Board elects new officers. (continue)

  • 07/06 - Sidewalks: Bank Street, DPW, Macy's demo, downtown facelift coming up. (continue)

  • 07/06 - Soapbox: Resident recommends "Central Park" atop Cappelli City Center Garage (continue)

  • 06/25 - Soapbox: Candyce Corcoran on "affordable housing" issue. (continue)

  • 06/24 - Sidewalks: Zoning Board: Only Council can revoke church building permit. (continue)

  • 06/24 - Sidewalks: Outgoing Trippett honored by Board of Education (continue)

  • 06/24 - Sports: Gold's Gapper in the Gloamin' wins Senior Girls LL Crown. (continue)

  • 06/22 - "Toxic Avenger" trespasses on NYPH Property, Hospital irate. (continue)

  • 06/18 - Sidewalks: German School now owns 800 North Street, subdivision pending. (continue)

  • 06/18 - Soapbox: Labor Coalition Chair questions pension funds for open space. (continue)

  • 06/17 - Sidewalks: White Plains Week moves to Mondays at 7 PM on 7 (continue)

  • 06/13 - City suit against Behar dismissed. Called "Speculative" by Judge. (continue)

  • 06/13 - Soapbox: CNR Server denied Scarsdale District Sports Results (continue)

  • 06/13 - Soapbox: Waterman blasts Dem Call for Survey (continue)

  • 06/11 - Cappelli has "hand-shake" deal on Main and Conroy properties (continue)

  • 06/07 - Macy's to come down July 10; urban planners list due Friday (continue)

  • 06/07 - Soapbox: Put police pension money into the police: Waterman (continue)

  • 06/06 - Sidewalks: School Board keeps specific dress standards in Code of Conduct (continue)

  • 06/05 - Council approves JPI Jefferson at White Plains Complex (continue)

  • 06/05 - Sidewalks: Common Council Corral (continue)

  • 06/04 - Soapbox: Corcoran Candidacy Stirs Memories of Tulsa White Plains Grad (continue)

  • 06/01 - Sidewalks: White Plains students honored in John Hopkins Search (continue)

  • 05/31 - Republicans nominate Horowitz for County Exec (continue)

  • 05/31 - Sidewalks: JPI is "in." Bank Street Commons on track; Plumbers Win! (continue)

  • 05/31 - Capelli cruises along: National Amusements (continue)

  • 05/31 - Sidewalks: Iervolino to present WINGS alternatives to parents (continue)

  • 05/31 - Sidewalks: School District schedules meetings on WINGS for 8th Grades (continue)

  • 05/31 - White Plains Sports: Softballers season ended by Arlington, 6-1 (continue)

  • 05/30 - Sidewalks: Memorial Day Parade honors veterans and war dead (continue)

  • 05/30 - Sidewalks: Middle School Parents petition to restore WINGS to 8th grade (continue)

  • 05/27 - White Plains Sports: Loucks Field Renovation overlooks baseball, softball. (continue)

  • 05/26 - JPI Alive! Readies New Plea to Council (continue)

  • 05/24 - The Champ Runs Again. Mayor Delfino Runs for a Second Term. (continue)

  • 05/24 - Cappelli presents plans for 34 and 32 story towers. (continue)

  • 05/18 - JPI asks for tax abatement on 300 Mamaroneck Ave project, Counsel refuses. (continue)

  • 05/15 - Republicans nominate Delfino, Delgado, Amodio, and Tuck, Corcoran for Legislator. (continue)

  • 05/15 - Voters approve 2001-2002 School Budget by 4 to 1 Margin (continue)

  • 05/14 - Soapbox: Another comment on parking. (continue)

  • 05/14 - Hospital sees "solution in the process" as Scoping is closed (continue)

  • 05/14 - Sidewalks: BID, Beautification Foundation laud downtown makeover (continue)

  • 05/14 - Sidewalks: School Budget & Board of Ed Elections Tuesday (continue)

  • 05/14 - Sidewalks: Scarsdale wants seniors facility; White Plains does not. (continue)

  • 05/14 - Soapbox: Apartment Dweller points out Byzantine White Plains Parking Rule (continue)

  • 05/10 - Council approves Macy's demolition now. (continue)

  • 05/10 - Sidewalks: Corcoran resigns from Democratic Party (continue)

  • 05/07 - Mayor opposes Bryant Avenue Location for Accelerator (continue)

  • 05/07 - Monday Rundown: Republicans mull Ryan's Worst Nightmare (continue)

  • 05/02 - Cappelli to demolish Macy's in next 6 to 8 weeks (continue)

  • 05/02 - Sidewalks: Hospital presents proton accelerator public briefing Sunday (continue)

  • 05/02 - Sidewalks: Middle School Junior Honor Society students tapped (continue)

  • 05/01 - Sidewalks: Fire danger high as weather remains warm and dry (continue)

  • 04/26 - Louis Cappelli rescues Town Center, adds 2 apartment towers to mix (continue)

  • 04/26 - Sidewalks: Grants to fund proton accelerator about 8 months away (continue)

  • 04/25 - Sidewalks: Graessle - German School already violates enrollment (continue)

  • 04/25 - Cappelli Enterprises buys Macys Site from Tishman (continue)

  • 04/24 - Sidewalks: Republicans rethink ticket considering Democrats (continue)

  • 04/23 - Soapbox: Airport employee questions Garage Closing. (continue)

  • 04/20 - Robert Greer will run for Mayor with Malmud, Hockley and Roach (continue)

  • 04/20 - City awaits Attorney General Ruling on cellphone enforcement (continue)

  • 04/19 - Ryan awaits Democratic vote; CSEA inspired his Candidacy (continue)

  • 04/18 - School Board approves Budget; Public Hearing May 7 (continue)

  • 04/17 - Ryan points to CSEA survey to save Mayoral bid; Corcoran confident (continue)

  • 04/08 - Corcoran challenges Democratic Council Candidates (continue)

  • 04/07 - School District distributes Code of Conduct for Comment (continue)

  • 04/07 - Greer Works the Phones to derail Ryan Express (continue)

  • 04/07 - Cappelli Enterprises confirms buying Town Center (continue)

  • 04/06 - Ryan Nominated for Mayor, Malmud, Roach, Hockley for Council (continue)

  • 04/06 - Three companies bidding for Tishman Speyer Identified. (continue)

  • 04/04 - Ryan Express awaits Democratic Party "Main Line". Malmud for Legislator? (continue)

  • 04/04 - Council keeps Hospital Scope Session Open until May 7 (continue)

  • 04/04 - Consolidated mail carrier routes, sort system slow White Plains Mail (continue)

  • 03/31 - Concerned Neighborhoods to protest Hospital Plans at Council (continue)

  • 03/27 - Media Notes: Philippidis hosts Bailey and Benerofe on WVOX 1450 AM at 6 PM Tuesday. "White Plains Week" to air twice a week on Channel 71. (continue)

  • 03/27 - Hard-to-Place homeless program initiative a success (continue)

  • 03/27 - Soapbox: From Panama Jack in Miami...a thought on National Friendship Week (continue)

  • 03/24 - City Subpoenas Thompson & Bender; Linking Ian Behar to G & S Investors (continue)

  • 03/23 - DPW Garage/Supermarket Construction to Begin/Bank Street has Hotel (continue)

  • 03/21 - Planning Board fells Omnipoint Cell Tower at Fenway (continue)

  • 03/21 - Paulin--Assembly proposals cut Centers for Excellence funding (continue)

  • 03/19 - Legislator Ryan Pledges Not to Run a Primary for Mayoral Nomination (continue)

  • 03/15 - Legislator Ryan Tosses Mayoral Hat in Democratic Ring (continue)

  • 03/15 - County plans 24 townhouses for Woodcrest Heights (continue)

  • 03/15 - McCall to address Democratic Dinner April 22 (continue)

  • 03/15 - Figure Skating Club holds first USFSA Test Session (continue)

  • 03/05 - NY Hospital: "Details" of Plan B to come in supplements (continue)

  • 03/02 - P. Lynn Oliva professes no interest in running for Council. (continue)

  • 03/02 - Pauline Oliva Chooses Not To Run For Reelection. (continue)


Sidewalks of White Plains

  • 08/06 - Pataki to legislature: "Finish the job." Lambasts both houses.
  • 07/31 - Worst Virus ever panics New York
  • 07/27 - Mayor for All Seasons, Alfred Del Vecchio appears on WPW
  • 07/12 - County to acquire 178 acres for $2.8 million.
  • 07/11- Susan Habel discusses zoning on White Plains Week
  • 07/06 - WINGS is saved; Board elects new officers
  • 07/06 - Bank Street, DPW, Macy's demo, downtown facelift coming up

  • These stories and more on the Sidewalks of White Plains

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    Hudson River Bandits shatter myth of southern softball supremacy

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