The Sidewalks of White Plains


Memorial Day Parade honors veterans

Democratic council candidates march with Common Council.

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: May 28, 2001 -- Main Street

The annual White Plains Memorial Day Parade stepped off smartly from the Library at 10 AM Monday morning, under somber skies with White Plains World War II veterans leading the parade, still looking smart, distinguished and proud after all these years.

The parade marched up Martine Avenue from the Library, down Mamaroneck Avenue and past the reviewing stand at City Hall to continue up Broadway to the White Plains Rural Cemetary.

The White Plains High School Marching Band preformed a swing dance routine in front of the city hall steps. Civic groups represented were the White Plains Beatification Council, the League of Women Voters, the White Plains Historical Society (where County Legislative candidate, Candyce Corcoran waved to the crowd in grand Rose Bowl Parade style). The White Plains Fire and Police Department Mounted Division appeared. The Fleet Bank mini-Grand Prix race cars motored around the Main Street thoroughfare as well as Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, followed by the Thomas Slater Center Drum Corp.

Mayor Delfino and the Common Council lead the parade.

WPCNR observed that two Democratic candidates for Common Council, Glen Hockley and Tom Roach, were also marching in back of the elected Council members, and both candidates were wearing the same color black suits as male council members. Robert Tuck and Mike Amodio, the two Republican candidates did not march in the parade muster while this reporter observed them. Mr. Tuck and Mr. Amodio were working the sidewalks as candidates for council traditionally do.

WPCNR asked Robert Greer, a member of the Common Council and Democratic candidate for Mayor, who had asked Mr. Hockley and Mr. Roach to march in the parade with the Common Council, giving the impression to the public that Mr. Hockley and Mr. Roach were already elected officials. Mr. Greer told WPCNR that "this was no big deal. William King and Ben Boykin marched with me in 1999. This is not an issue."

Greer also said Serena Russell, a Republican candidate for council in 1999, also marched with the Common Council. Ms. Russell told a WPCNR source that she definitely had not marched in the parade in 1999, but had walked the sidewalks as Mr. Tuck and Mr. Amodio had done in Monday's parade.

At the traditional ceremony at the White Plains Rural Cemetary (which WPCNR did not attend), Andrew P. O'Rourke gave the Memorial Day Address. Mayor Delfino issued the Memorial Day Proclamation at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Plot.

Mayor Delfino and Commander James Dwyer of American Legion Post # 135 laid the ceremonial Memorial Day City Wreath.

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